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The Top 8 Tools for Gardening

Tools For Every Gardener

People love to garden for many reasons. Not only does it produce fresh and nutritious food for you to eat, but it gives you the chance to get outside and relax in nature. Gardening can also be physically strenuous if you don’t have the proper tools available to make things easier on yourself, this article analyses tools for every gardener to help prepare for the new season.

There are suitable tools for every gardener. It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small garden.

Below are the top 8 tools that you should have ready before the next gardening season.

1) Hose w/ Nozzle

You cannot depend on rain to be the main source of water for your garden. If you want to keep your plants and crops growing strongly, you must water your garden with a water hose. The end of the hose should include a nozzle so that you can spray water onto the plants very quickly.

Some nozzles come with several different spray settings, such as mist or shower spray. It lets you control how much water gets sprayed onto the plants. You might find that a light mist spray is good enough because it doesn’t apply that much pressure to the plants.

It is a good idea to purchase an indestructible hose at an affordable price. The hose will take a lot of abuse outside, so it must be able to withstand various levels of impact. Flexzilla, for example, is a recognizable brand name known for its strong but flexible hoses. That is why a Flexzilla hose would be a great addition to your gardening inventory.

2) Seating Pad

Gardening can be physically strenuous because you have to sit and crouch all the time. Many people don’t realize that a seating pad can make gardening work more comfortable for them. It’ll keep your knees out of the dirt and off the hard surfaces of the ground.

That way, your knees won’t get sore from kneeling for a long time. We recommend that you use two thick seating pads to give your knees extra comfort. The Navy Penguin brand sells a dual-pack that matches this description.

3) Gloves

Gardening requires you to use your hands for all kinds of activities, such as weeding, digging, and cutting. It is easy for dirt particles to get stuck inside of your fingernails. The worst part is when you move your hands around in the soil and end up exposing it to a spider or snake. If you want to guard your hands in the garden, then make sure you wear a high-quality pair of gardener’s gloves. These are the types of gloves that have removable claws attached to them. The durability of the fabric is very tough as well.

4) Rake

You will need two types of rakes for your garden. The standard rake is helpful for removing large pieces of debris and leaves from your yard. But you’ll also need a special gardening rake for preparing the soil before you plant seeds into it. Just go to Amazon and type in “Garden Rake” in the search box. You’ll find plenty of suitable options.

5) Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is a good thing to have for a garden. It keeps out wildlife and pets from entering the garden, including deer, possums and raccoons. Otherwise, these animals would likely start eating your fruits and vegetables before you can. Chicken wire also protects the health and safety of your plants too.

6) Shears

You need garden sheers to weed and prune tough vegetation. Think of shears like a heavy-duty pair of scissors. They can cut large pieces of organic materials, such as branches, plants, leaves, weeds, and twigs. No gardener should ever be without shears. They will make your gardening work so much easier.

7) Soil Knife

A soil knife is a special gardening tool. It is basically a curved knife designed with a serrated edge. If you need to dig into tough soil during the winter or early spring, then a soil knife can help you loosen the soil considerably.

8) Soil Shovel

A soil shovel is the best tool for digging up large amounts of soil. You’ll need to dig before you plant crops, but you’ll also need to dig to remove crops and plant them elsewhere. You only need a small soil shovel, so there is no reason to go large on this one.

Final Words

When you add all eight of these tools to your inventory, you’ll be much more successful as a gardener. The work will get done faster, and the results will be better.

Steve Hodson

What started out as an intention to grow my own food for economic and environmental reasons has turned into a passion and a mission to share my research and knowledge with as many people as possible. Its one of the most satisfying healthy things I have done leaving a great feeling of self achievement and independence.

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