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The Top 7 Indoor Garden Kits

Indoor Garden Kit

Does your house or apartment lack the yard space needed to grow a traditional garden? If so, you can still grow the garden of your dreams indoors. All you need to do is to purchase some high-quality indoor garden kits.

An indoor garden kit lets you grow any size garden in your very own home. You don’t need any outside yard space either. Just choose the configuration you want and watch as beautiful luscious plants grow inside your home.

Below are the top 7 indoor garden kits on the market that we recommend the most.

1) The Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

The Modern Sprout brand has introduced an indoor garden kit called the Grow-Anywhere Growhouse. It consists of three sprout jars inside a housing unit that includes a timer and bright LED lights. You can mount the Growhouse right onto any of the walls in your home. It doesn’t need to be near a window either.

The timer and LED lights work together to provide a natural pattern of light to the plants. This light pattern is supposed to copy the sunlight pattern outside, so the plants grow just as well. The sprout jars do not contain any soil in them. They use pure water to grow the plants, which means you won’t have to water them as often.

2) Wally Pro One

Here is another indoor garden that can get mounted onto the walls. Each plant comes with its own wall-mountable fabric pocket. They give you the freedom to separate the plants on different areas of your walls. You don’t have to keep them all together if you don’t want to do so.

3) Water Garden “Back to the Roots” Aquaponic Tank

The Water Garden is more than just a standard indoor garden. It includes a fish tank with a beta fish on the bottom and a small planted area on top. The upper area can grow smaller plants, including herbs. The plants keep the fish tank clean, while the fish tank provides fertilizer to the plants. They work off each other in harmony, leaving you little to no work to do.

4) GrowLED Kitchen Garden

As the name indicates, the GrowLED Kitchen Garden is a suitable indoor garden unit for your kitchen. It includes timed LED lighting and enough room to hold three plants. If you like to cook and want to grow your own herbs and vegetables, you will love this indoor garden kit. You don’t need any sunlight for it either.

5) AeroGarden Harvest

Do you want to grow tall plants in your home? The AeroGarden Harvest can house plants as tall as one foot. You can mount the garden kit onto any available shelf and watch it do the rest. It has a control panel and LED light configuration. The control panel will notify you when it is time to water the plants, so you’ll never forget.

6) Mindful Design Hydroponic Herb Garden

The Mindful Design Hydroponic Herb Garden can accommodate small and large plants. The LED light is adjustable to provide different amounts of light to the various size plants that require them. There is a low-water indicator that lets you know when to add more water to the reservoir.

7) Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

The Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse gives you a basic indoor garden setup. It includes four shelves on a durable rack with a plastic greenhouse cover. There is no other sophisticated technology included, such as LED lighting. If you want to provide light to your plants, you’ll have to set up the rack near a bunch of windows or in a room with lots of sunlight exposure.

Some people choose to use their sunrooms or balconies for this setup. You won’t need that much space. Just focus your attention on finding a room with a suitable natural lighting source.


All of these indoor garden kits can produce healthy and natural fruits and vegetables. You could also grow beautiful flowering plants too.

Steve Hodson

What started out as an intention to grow my own food for economic and environmental reasons has turned into a passion and a mission to share my research and knowledge with as many people as possible. Its one of the most satisfying healthy things I have done leaving a great feeling of self achievement and independence.

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