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The 5 Best User-Friendly Aquaponics Kits

Aquaponics Kits

People who don’t have much room for gardens should try aquaponics instead. An aquaponic system is fast and easy to manage without the need for so much space on your property and having the right aquaponics kits for your surroundings is imperative.

If you’re not familiar with aquaponics, it is a cross between aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is when you raise fish in water tanks, while hydroponics is growing plants in water tanks rather than land soil. When these two systems are together, the fish produce fertilizer for the plants in the water.

When you set up an aquaponics system, you can use a fish tank or man-made hydroponic pond to raise the fish. It needs to have a minimum of one fish, but most aquaponics systems have more than one fish. The plants are placed on top of the tank or near the pond water.

As the fish release waste from their bodies, bacteria accumulate in the tank or pond water. That waste contains nutrients in which the plants need to grow and thrive. If you can get the roots of the plants to go into the water, then it is even better. Otherwise, you’ll need to establish a rig that transfers the nutrient-rich water to the plant roots.

The plants serve as a filter that cleans the water. Once the filtered water gets sent back to the tank, the fish will have clean water again. This reduces the maintenance requirements of filtering and cleaning the water yourself because the plants do it for you.

Your main job is to choose the best aquaponics kits for your particular needs. Based on our research, we’ve created a list of the top 5 aquaponic kits on the market right now. You should be able to find success with any one of them. 

1)  Back to the Roots Water Garden

Do you wish to grow microgreens for smaller vegetable greens and herbs? If so, use a mini aquaponic system like the Back to the Roots Water Garden. It features a smaller fish tank with a planter space on the top for your plants. There is also a pump included that transfers water from the tank to the plants.

The fish have to be purchased separately. The kit includes a fish coupon so that you can get a discount on the fish.

2) Sweetsea Wall-Mounted Garden

If you need to make the most of your limited space, then try the Sweetsea Wall-Mounted Garden. Not only does it come with a planter and fish tank, but its design allows the roots of the plants to go into the tank. There is room to put up to two small fish into the tank.

3) Penn Plax Aquaponic Fish Tank

Do you want to save money by growing one plant at a time? The Penn Plax Aquaponic Fish Tank offers an inexpensive solution. It is a cylindrical fish tank with a planter mounted above it. The tank can hold one fish only, which you have to get yourself. There is no pump either. However, the plant roots flow into the tank water, so a pump is unnecessary.

4) Eco Qube C Aquarium

The Eco Qube C Aquarium doesn’t require a lot of bright light. It uses a single LED light source for the plants and fish, which gives you the freedom to put the aquarium anywhere in your home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be near a window.

The kit includes a fish tank that is big enough for one fish and a planter on the top. A pump is included for transferring the water from the tank to the plants.

5) G&B Floating Pond Planter Basket Kit

Does your backyard already have a koi pond? People with koi ponds can use a basic floating planter, like the one found in the G&B Floating Pont Planter Basket Kit. The plant roots flow underneath the planter and go into the tank water below. As the koi fish release waste into the water, the nutrients from the waste will flow to the plant roots and fertilize the plants.


Aquaponics is a great way to grow strong and viable plants. There are so many aquaponics kits options available with varying designs and sizes. Choose the design and size which best accommodates your budget and the limited space and lighting in your home.

Steve Hodson

What started out as an intention to grow my own food for economic and environmental reasons has turned into a passion and a mission to share my research and knowledge with as many people as possible. Its one of the most satisfying healthy things I have done leaving a great feeling of self achievement and independence.

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