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An Overview of Neem Oil

Neem Oil

Pest control is a critical part of garden maintenance. Insects can ruin your fruits and vegetables if you don’t know how to eliminate them properly. The quick and easy solution is to buy commercial pesticides. However, the problem with commercial pesticides is that they contain chemicals and toxic ingredients that can harm you and the plants you want to protect. But if you don’t use any pesticides, you won’t have any edible fruits and vegetables left, this is where neem oil can solve the problem.

The best solution is to use natural pesticides. These are pesticides consisting of natural ingredients that are not toxic or bad for your body. Neem oil is one example of a natural pesticide that pests don’t like very much. Perhaps it can help you maintain control of the pests in your garden.

Neem Oil Defined

The Azadirachta Indica tree produces seeds that contain neem oil. This oil extract has natural anti-inflammatory properties for reducing acne and eczema on the skin. It can even moisturize the skin as well.

If you shop for neem oil products in the store, they may contain some additional ingredients rather than raw neem oil. Make sure you don’t use neem oil skin products on your plants or on your skin. The concentration of these oils may be different too.

How to Apply the Neem Oil to Your Plants

The oil gets applied to the roots of the plants, similar to how you apply water. Use a spray bottle to spread the oil onto the plants and roots evenly. As the oil circulates through the vascular system of the plants, its properties will inhabit every part of them. It won’t matter where the insects eat on the plants because they will consume the oil from any location. After that, the insects will die as the oil circulates in their system.

Neem oil is fatal to most of the insects that threaten your garden, such as mites. It can also serve as a fungicide to prevent mildew from rotting away the roots of your plants. When the oil enters the soil, it can stay effective for about three weeks. But when applied to the plants directly, its effects won’t last for more than one hour.

Don’t apply too much  oil to the plants directly, or it will cause them to burn. If you want to play it safe, apply the oil onto the soil rather than onto the plants. Then you can wait three weeks in between each application without any risk of burning the plants.

When you purchase a neem oil product, test it on a few plants first. Monitor their condition over the next day to see if the oil caused any damage. If you notice damage, then discontinue the use of the oil immediately. It doesn’t mean every type of plant will have that same reaction to the oil. It just means the plants you tested it on have an adverse reaction to it.

Perhaps you could try a different neem oil product if this happens. Sometimes it could be the mixture of the oil with other specific ingredients which cause the damage.

Choosing a Neem Oil Product

The marketplace has numerous  oil products available. The best products will have the fewest added ingredients. In fact, if you can find a product with “Azadirachta” listed as the only ingredient, then it is even better. Avoid products with additional ingredients because they could have toxic pesticides mixed in with the natural pesticide.

The two most recommended products are Plantonix Organic Neem Oil and Verdana Cold-Pressed Neem Oil. Both of these products contain 100% organic, cold-pressed  oil. To apply either product to your plants or soil, mix the oil with water and spray the mixed solution onto them.

Neem oil has other uses too. For instance, you can add some of the  oil to your shampoo if you want to have glossier hair. It also works excellent in skin lotion to smooth out the surface of your skin.

Final Words

Not all insects are bad for plants. It would be impossible to keep out all insects from making contact with your garden. The only insects you must worry about are the smaller insects that like to chew on plant matter, such as mites. Neem oil has the natural ability to repel and kill these insects before they cause severe damage to your garden. The best part is that you and your pets will not be harmed by the oil at all.

Steve Hodson

What started out as an intention to grow my own food for economic and environmental reasons has turned into a passion and a mission to share my research and knowledge with as many people as possible. Its one of the most satisfying healthy things I have done leaving a great feeling of self achievement and independence.

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